Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Videos:Celebrations and Marches

the protesters were celebrating and dancing because of the departure of the president Ali to Saudi Arabia, and expecting that he will not come back to Yemen after the attempt of assassination. 

In addition, they organized marches close to the vice president's house, and demanding the formation of a transition council to handover the authority. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How is life in Yemen?

  Yemen lives in continuous crises never end. It has been begun with Alhouthis issue in Sadaa in the far north of Yemen, and the Southern Movement in the south of Yemen and AlQaeda. Jihadist groups Suspected to be AlQaeda are trying to control Zanjibar, the capital of Abyan governorate, so a heavy clashes between them and the Yemeni troops caused death among the civilians. Many families fled from Abyan to Aden, and took some schools as their homes.

In Taiz, Yemen's second largest city, clashes between the demonstrators and the security forces. The freedom Square had been occupied by the security forces, and that led to kill more than 200 persons. Thus, the tribes of Sharab arrived to the city to support the protesters, and it was the first time for Taiz to be full of armed civilians trying to retrieve their square from the security forces.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Raping a Child by the Central Security Soldiers in Sana'a

A child at age of 16 years old subjected to a brutal rape by soldiers wearing the uniforms of the Central Security upon his leaving this evening from the Change square(the area of the demonstrations in Sana'a). he was found by soldiers from the First Armored Division Forces, and he was unconscious in a place close to landfill near the Change square 

He said  that he was intercepted by soldiers from the Central Security after he left the Change square.he was severely beaten by them, before being taken to a room  belong to the Central Security, and they raped him

 The 16 year old child is a member in the Coalition Youth Revolution of 3rd February. The child was taken to the Field hospital in Change Square, and he is suffering from fatigue because of the rape and beating.

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Note: In Yemen, the rape victims can not  mention their names because of the fear from the stigma

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

نصائح أثناء القصف

1- عندما تسمع اصوات الانفجارات والقصف الرجاء الابتعاد عن النوافذ
2- عدم الصعود للاسطح في البنايات للتصوير او للتفرج على منظر الانفجارات بسبب قوة وصول الشظايا التى ممكن ان تودي بحياتك
3- عدم ايواء اي طرف من الاطراف المتناحرة
4- على جميع الاهالي القربين من موقع الاحداث او وسطها رفع اعلام بيضاء على النوافد او الخروج من المنزل والذهاب الى منطقة اخرى واثناء الخروج ارفع العلم الابيض على الشارع والذهاب الى الدرج او السلالم والانبطاح هناك لكي لاتصيبك رصاصة او شظية طائشة.