Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Final Destination

The first post in the EWAMT blog was about the “Ignorance of Blogging in Yemen” that was true in 2009 at the beginning of implementing EWAMT project” Empowerin Women Activists in Media techniques“. However, blogging now become more popular in Yemen. We won’t say it is because of our initiative, but also because of many other youths who spread these techniques. Some of these youth were trainees in one of our EWAMT session. Now I can say that who does not have a blog at least he\she knows what does it mean. Here, I will talk about our journey with EWAMT to spread the notion of blogging to 200 Young Yemeni ladies. Here, we are finalizing our Project with bride of what we have done as team, and with appreciation to Rising Voices for giving us the opportunity.
We still remember our first training in 2oth May,2009, and how hard to organize the poster, Brochures, Coffee Breaks, folders with notes, looking for lap with cheap rent …etc. Always the first step is hard to make, but once we stepped we felt enthusiastic to finish our mission. Then we received many letters from local NGOs nominating their female employees to the blogging workshops.