Friday, January 11, 2013

Gender Equality in the European Union

Gender equality, is one of the social terms which attracts me as a feminist, and I try to explore it in every field and every nation. Right now it is the time to explore it for the first time in the EU institutions. Before planning to do this article, I had two main questions. Does the European Institution take any measures to improve Gender equality in the level of the institutions and the member states? Is there a bottom up action to promote Gender mainstreaming  tin the level of EU citizens? Is the Gender Equality principle strong enough to face the current economical crisis in EU? In spite of the efforts of the EU institutions to integrate gender equality in their policies and legislation, I observe on the reality that there is still inequality between men and women in the sphere of society especially when it comes to decision-making position at the work place, so I see the majority in those highly prestigious positions are men.