Friday, May 27, 2011

Was the civil war planned???

Since the beginning of the demonstrations in Yemen in February 2011 and the security situation is deteriorating. However, what happened during the last week was exceptional, and shows a hidden agenda to drag the country into the civil war. In this article I will focus on the events that took place last week and led to a gun battle in Sana'a. After talking with some people, I found that this rapid deterioration within a week occurred in the three phases.

Phase I

On Friday 20th May, 2011 the residents in Yemen and especially in Sana'a spent almost 23 continuous hours without electricity. It is due to tribesmen attacked the electricity station because of the attack on Nihm tribe by Republican forces. So since that time we are living in darkness, and we have electricity for only one hour a day to charge our electronics devices, and do the essentials things.

Phase II

It had been announced that Ali will sign the GCC initiative on May 22nd, the unification day. Ali refused to sign the GCC initiative because of the absence of the joint meeting parties (JMP) at the signing ceremony, and in his speech on national television said" If they remain stubborn, we will confront them everywhere with all possible means. If they do not bow, and want to take the country into a civil war, let them be responsible for it and for the blood that was shed and that will be shed if they insist on their stupidity".

It was clear in his speech that he wants to drag all the parties to a civil war. Ali Saleh is a tribe man before being a politician, and will not hand over the power without a fight.

Phase III

On Tuesday noon, May 24th there was armed confrontations between the Hashid tribe and the government forces in Alhasaba district, north of the capital. Hashid tribe is the biggest tribe in Yemen, and well armed. Sadiq Al-ahmar is the head of Ali Saleh own Hashid tribe.
This photo from Yemenat Website

In a statement issued by Sadiq Al-ahmar to clarify the reasons beyond this gun battle that there was a reinforcement of the government forces in Al-ramah school next to Shikh Al-ahmar's house. Shikh Al-ahmar accused the government forces of trying to storm his house. In the other hand, the Ministry of interior stated that Al-ahmar started the battle.

Currently we do not know where is the truth of who started triggering the war, which cost many lives of civilians, residents of Al-hasaba district.

I am writing this article in the lights of candles because we do not have electricity. I have little water at home trying to be carful in using it because we do not have water. The sounds of explosions and airstrikes are very strong that distract me from my mission to tell my own story my own opinion that the gun battle between Al-ahmar and Ali Saleh was planed before Monday.
Photo taken by Benjamin Wiacek
Moreover, I am sure they planned to keep people live in darkness, suffer from water shortage, and then kill them. Now there is another question coming up to my mind who planned for the war???

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