Friday, February 17, 2012

For the Harassers Only: Yemeni Women are not Prostitutes

Mr.Harasser, all the titles of respect even this word "Mr" you do not deserve it. However, I will consider you a human being with humanity feeling, and I will address you Mr.Harasser. I like to draw your attention to something you are ignorant about it or you are trying to ignore it deliberatly so you can invent execuses or justifications to satisfy your animal instincts, and as an attempt to cure yourself from the syndrome lack of self-esteem.

Mr.Harasser, keep this in your mind that Yemeni women are not  prostitutes. There is a common justification that the reason behind the sexual harassment in the streets is the way how women wear, which attracts the eyes. This justification is unrealistic as the tale oa Alice in the Harassers land, Sorry I mean in the Wonderland. Women walk in the streets completely covered with black clothes and Hijab covering their hairs and sometimes their faces too. So could you tell me how they attract you to harass them?I know your answer already because you are mastering the art of creating execuses and justifications.

Firstly Mr.Harasser there is a big difference or there is no way to make a comparison between a lady walking in the streets has zero interest in you, and another lady making a living by hunting men from the streets. There is a big difference between a lady does not care about you existence, and another trying to fawn you. Mr.Harasser, if you are looking for a place to satisfy your sexuall instincts, there are certian places you can go there,and leave women alone in the streets with their own problems and concernce. Alternatively, if you are looking for a missing feeling of power, go and harass yourself at least you won't contribute in devastaing not only women but also the society.

Secondly Mr.Harasser, have God or any thing you believe in asked you to harass every woman does not wear  based on your standards? Are you given a license by God or anything you believe to harass every woman you do not like her way of walking? Haven't you heared this verse from The Holly Book Quran" Say to the believing men to lower their gaze"? I am asking these questions so you can answer them to yourself in a hope that your mind may realize the damage you are causing not only to women but also to the society. Also, I hope this time you try to think by your mind not by under the navel.


Nawar Badr said...

I think it’s time for the Yemeni women to lose the Abaya. What do they need it for? I think she can cover her hair if she wishes too. What I think as a man is not important but it’s what she thinks. I'm not being disrespectful to Islam or any other religion but women should not be afraid or shy to confront their society if they are wearing modest cloth or not. What is being modest all about? Why should we pay attention to women being modest or not ONLY!

This is not for me to say.

Anonymous said...

who needs to get saved today in yemen?