Thursday, November 15, 2012

Egypt Torn Between Allies in Gaza and Treaty With Israel


Summary of the article:

The Egyptian president, Mohammed Morsi, has fired back at Israel from the arsenal of diplomacy as Israeli strikes on the Gaza Strip confront him with a wrenching test of loyalities, to Hamas and to Egypt's peace treaty with Israel. 
In just Two days, Mr.Morsi has recalled Egypt's ambassador to Tel Aviv, dispatched his prime minister on a solidarity mission to Gaza, and even publicly instructed top general to inspect air bases and prepare land defense near Gaza border.
Both sides in the conflict appear to be testing Egypt's new leader. Hamas is wondering how much it may draw from the Egyptian state, While Israel seems to probe the depth of Mr. Morsi's stated commitment to the peace treaty.
Mr.Morsi has so far vowed full backing for Hamas and the palestinians. In Egypt's domestic politics, the crisis has rallied a sense of national unity behind the president. And even his rivals have cheered the vigor of his response.
Surprising some, Mr.Morsi has not opened Egypt's border to Gaza and instead has moved aggressively to try to shut down or blow up smuggling tunnels long used by Hamas to circumvent the Israeli boycott, contending that they pose a security risk to Egypt.

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