Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Israel threatens to overthrow Abbas over Palestinian statehood bid

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Hardline Foreign minister, Avigdor Liberman, is arguing on Israel that should topple the Palestinian president, if he still presses ahead with request for recognition of the Palestinian state. In a draft distributed to the media, Liberman argues on Israel only viable option to overthrow the president, he said " A reality in which UN recognized a Palestinian state according to a unilateral process will destroy all Israeli deterrence".

The minister of strategic affair warned the Palestinian that they would pay a heavy price if they submitted a resolution seeking for state. Besides, it would be flagrant breach of the Oslo Accords.Israel is concentrating its diplomatic offensive on EU. Liberman held a three day meeting with the Israeli ambassadors in the European nations in Vienna to brief them on the consequences of a vote in favor of Palestine in order for them to step up pressure on their host governments.

The French president told a Paris press conference that he could not rule out the possibility of France supporting the Palestinian  initiative. Israel government said that the adoption of the resolution will give Israel the right to reevaluate previous agreement with Palestine Liberation Organization, and consider cancelling them partially or completely, and would make progress in the peace process more difficult in the future.

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