Sunday, January 23, 2011

Your Fault because You are a Woman

sexual harassment in the streets become a phenomenon in Yemen. Everyday, and each woman walking in the street is facing verbally harassment in the best cases. In the worst cases the harassers cross the red line and sexually touch her.According to a study released by impact organiyation that 90% of women are facing sexuall harassment in the Yemeni streets. It is a horrible number especially when it comes from a country known as a Muslim and conservative country. Every Friday, our religion leaders call in minarites praying God, and assure the people that God will send the infidels to hell whatever good deeds they have done. In addition to that,they declare that muslims will go to heaven because only they are Muslims. What about the Yemeni Muslims who are exposing 90% of women to sexual harassment. Are they going to heaven? Why our religion leaders do not talk about this issue during the sermons?

This phenomenon is expanding and risking the community cohesion.Here I have a real story of a girl exposed to the worst methods of sexual harassment in the streets. This story is extracted from Alsahwa newspaper. Ibtisam is a 14 year old, and she was going to her father's house at Aldairy Street in Sana'a. In the street, three young men dragged the girl by force into their car. They took her to a hotel, and gang-raped her. After they finish their brutal deed, they dropped her over the hotel. The girls is still alive in one of Sana'a hospitals, and psychologically and physically damaged. In a telephone conversation with someone close to the girl, she said that the girl does not recieve any sympathy from some people especially from a highly official persons because they are assuming that the girl was mistress of the kidnappers. At the end, it will be the fault of this child Ibtisam because she is a girl, and intend to be a women one day.

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Nawar said...

This is very serious a police investigation should be made starting with the hotel that she was taken to. This is happening all over the world. In the US a woman is raped every 2 minutes, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. I’m sure that we don’t have these numbers within Yemen but not even 1 rape should be left without bringing justice to the victim. It will be very hard for her to recover from this abuse. As a Yemeni man, feeling sorry for her isn’t enough.

Thanks for sharing this article.